Santos Seseña founded Casa Seseña in 1901, originally under the name of Le Printemps. At that time the tailors of Madrid were abandoning the manufacture of the Spanish cape because it had ceased to be the usual and required clothing for the Spanish gentleman. Nevertheless, Santos Seseña decided to not only continue handcrafting the cape, but also innovated its design, adapting it to the new times, without abandoning the traditional ways of dressmaking for classic tailor-made clothes.


From 1927, Santos Seseña had the help of his only son Tomás Seseña. Tomás was instrumental in bringing the name Seseña into the global market. Through his connections with influential persons of high society, culture, and cinema, he breathed new life into this garment, and guaranteed once more a new period of splendour and popularity for the Spanish cape. In addition, Tomás was an active member of the Asociación de Amigos de la Capa, a group which, still nowadays, promotes the use of the cape in society.


At the beginning of the 1960s Enrique Seseña, with the support of his mother, decided to stop altogether the business’s other general tailoring work, and converted Casa Seseña into a shop exclusively specialising only in capes. Between the two of them they launched a woman’s line with new models that resulted in the cape becoming a garment for everyone and every occasion. In 1965 Enrique was left as the owner of Casa Seseña, and he set up his own workshop in Calle de la Cruz. To this day the same workshop continues as the place where the famous capes are hand-cut and sewn, one by one, faithful to the time-honoured artisan tradition. The new location allowed the business to thrive, with increased production and sales, and elevating the new woman’s cape to take its place among the best-sellers. In 1998 Enrique became one of the pioneers in Spain in starting an online store.


In 2009 Marcos Seseña took over the reins of this 100-year-old company with the objective of carrying it into the 21st century. He has focused on revamping the company’s image, the first results of which were seen in 2013 with a collaboration with the designer Marina Conde of the Spanish brand “La Condesa”. He has launched a new woman’s collection which combines perfectly the identities of the two brands, marking a refreshing change of style for Casa Seseña. In 2015 Marcos Seseña is continuing this ambitious new path, committed to achieving a renewed image and a fresh look for the brand. For the first time in 118 years, he has brought out a new line for men, distinct from thet traditional classic look. The new model is targeted at a younger public, but still maintains its faithfulness to the classic style and traditional values of Casa Seseña

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