Delooks, the fashion and trends magazine that chooses Seseña as inspiration

In October, DeLooks magazine talks about the HBO series “The Tale of the Maid” with which she is inspired to talk about Seseña, the capes and their versions for this season.

From Madrid to heaven with IN STYLE

The fashion and trends magazine In Style and the wonderful journalist Lidia A. Costa wanted to make Seseña's story known with a fascinating interview with Marcos Seseña, 4th generation of it. Speaking of changes, designs, customers and even dreams to fulfill.


Telva magazine chooses Seseña and her Greta model as one of the four classic capes of the season to have a perfect wardrobe.

ASM Magazine celebrates its 20th anniversary

ASM seeks the forefront in the latest trends, so Seseña has been one of its choices to talk about fashion and lifesyle. Its avant-garde design closely resembles Seseña's designs.
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