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We have spent an hour with Anita del Rey, protagonist actress of the Acacias 38 series. We have sneaked into her house, she has chosen a cape, we have taken a walk through our neighborhood, Las Letras, and we have chatted ...

Do you get up in a good mood?

Hahahaha! Do not ! But it lasts a short time, I immediately play music and it happens to me!

Do you take a long time to get ready?

Much! I am very heavy, I change 20 times as a model. I can be perfectly 5 min in front of the closet taking out garments with a heel of each and that this ritual is repeated about 4 times before leaving. But other days I see myself with the handsome up and hit the first.

What role of all you have done you have more affection?

Of all I have a cool memory, I love you. Olivia, from Eva's fishbowl captivated me. The series was about improvised dialogues and I was able to play a lot. But Trini has stolen my heart from my pipe and sometimes that is very necessary. In a daily series the information is repeated a lot and there are weeks that that unhinges it, but Trini always has some mockery to say with which I enjoy a lot and gives me a lot of play. I am very clown!

How did you feel with the Lola bomber cape that you chose?

I love! I would have no problem combining it, I can think of a thousand looks and a thousand occasions to wear it. I think it's a must in the closet. The layers seem very elegant to me. Since childhood I was always attracted. When I saw a lady with a cape I thought: how elegant, when I grow up I want to be like that. I think the adaptation of the bomber to the cape is fantastic too, I am very much of a bomber.

Thank you very much Anita for giving us your time.


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If you want to buy the Lola boucle coat that Anita wears click here!

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