• Relaxed Reflection
  • Relaxed Reflection
  • Relaxed Reflection
  • Relaxed Reflection
  • Relaxed Reflection
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  • Relaxed Reflection

    Autumn is here, now the good begins!

The next challenge of Capas Seseña is a series of collaborations with other designers, models and fashion artists, to contextualize the layer in an aesthetic set that includes a total look, an atmosphere and a purpose. 

"What we want is to illustrate the different possibilities of combining a garment full of personality, which year after year conquers the catwalks. The layer is a perfect element that combines with any style and look - explains CEO Marcos Seseña -, and with this initiative we want to promote, not only the use of the layer, but our industry and talent ”. 

The first of these collaborations proposes a merger between the Seseña layers, the Spanish designer Cristina Piña and the espadrilles brand Act Series, based in Berlin. Both brands work in an artisanal way and with high quality materials, as does Seseña, which reinforces the collaboration. 

The collaboration with the Spanish model Rakel Brel, who has paraded in Paris, Milan or New York, and the participation of photographer Pablo Mingo, is also very present.

Autumn is here, now the good begins!

With a relaxed but confident attitude.

A reflection of oneself.

A way of being that defines Layers Seseña.

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