• Seseña, Ulises Mérida, Da Vinci and capes

  • Seseña, Ulises Mérida, Da Vinci and capes

    This is how the capsule collection designed by Ulises Mérida was born.

When Spanish designer Ulises Mérida was a kid, he used to visit Madrid’s Christmas street markets. His bounds always ended in the same place: in front of 23, De la Cruz Street, Seseña’s shop window, where he would stare at classic black capes.

Already in his adulthood, this connection between the designer and the tailoring comes to life in a collection of women author capes by Ulises Mérida, who shared Seseña’s passion for traditional fabrics, quality manufacture and the vision of a cosmopolite woman.

All those common values materialize in five capes inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpieces using Sfumato technique. The models designed by Mérida are born from model, clean lines, painted in an elegant colour palette that goes from pure black to baby pink and deep green.

La Belle is the one that resembles more like the classic Spanish cape. A black cloth, long model with backstitch. Black is also one of the colours in Ginebra, a two-toned poncho that combines charcoal and baby pink. This sweet shade completely covers Bruma, the most feminine design thanks to its romantic volumes. On the other side of the chromatic circle, capes Toscana and Kiru, with their deep green cloth, close this exclusive collection.

This capes proof that quality, tradition and design sets Seseña’s base. All the models are available in our e-shop for a limited time. Get yours now here!

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