Boinas y Capas, una colaboración con cabeza


“Peace, love and happiness for all”. Jimi Hendrix’s famous quote illustrates the free-and-easy spirit of the sixties. Seseña now captures this same spirit, and transmits vitality, joy and spontaneity through all of us. The new collection is about enjoying every moment, from spending time with your loved ones to drifting away. It is about appreciating beauty, embracing your roots and background, and your sense of humor. It is about gratefulnes


Seseña and El Barrio de las Letras have been the last signing of the New York Times for one of their reports in Spain.
They talk about handmade products Made in Spain. Among all, Seseña has been one of the most popular and acclaimed favorites of Madrid's Barrio de las Letras.

Via stilo takes notices on Seseña

The digital magazine Via Stilo, a channel of knowledge and communication for fashion lovers, has fallen in love with the tradition, quality and craftsmanship of Seseña. They talk about the capes and the firm as “an indispensable in the Spanish fashion panorama”.
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