Seseña & Art: ARCOmadrid 2022


Last week the relationship between Seseña and arts came to life once more during ARCOmadrid 2022, the most important contemporary art fair in Spain since 1982, where every year Spanish artists show their works to the world.

From February 23rd to 27th, Seseña revealed an unique project, result of the collaboration with Fundación de Amigos del Museo Reina Sofía, the curator Ignacio Cabrero and three artists who performed three Seseña’ capes to transform them into unique artistic works, created in and by the Seseña workshop.

Laura Lio, Mónica Mays and Blanca Gracia are the three artists involved in this project, “Tres artistas con muchas capas” (Three artists with many capes), an each one of them worked on a cape and gave life to a single artistic object.

Laura Lio (Buenos Aires, 1967) inspired on nature and archeology and transformed the cape using the traditional Amazonian feather technique. She placed it into a "totem-bird", a previous piece of the artist, underlining the alchemy of nonlinear time.

Mónica Mays (Madrid, 1990) introduced “Whood”, a cape inspired on the mysterious traditional clothing of the women of the Azores islands, inherited from mothers to daughters. The inner part of the cape was intervened with a series of second-hand crochet pieces, trellises and bobbins. A huge and enigmatic hood completes the work.

Blanca Gracia (Madrid, 1989) conceives the cape with a vegetable form, that transforms who wears it into an anthropomorphic entity. “Pansy” is a flower with many symbology in English, some of them offensive, that the artist transforms into an ungendered garment that acts as a resistance to the established order.

Discover all the images and details of these artistic capes.

The capes were activated by the scenic artist Cueva: see the videos below to discover how did these capes came to life.