The 8th February night from the year 1929 was extraordinary cold and, by the next day morning, Madrid’s citizens saw amazed the Cibeles goddess statue, the most famous fountain in Madrid, appeared in her car pulled by fierce lions, covered by a Seseña cape protecting her from the cold. All Madrid believed that it was an action made by Santos Seseña, the founder, but he always denied it. A lot of reports and photos went out on the Madrilenian press with the covered goddess, and the firemans taking off the cape from the monument.

Many years later, in the XXI century, and four generations later, someone went selflessly to see us at the store in Madrid, and told us the true story. It happens that an important personality from that time came home a little tipsy after a party night. Worried about Madrid’s cold, he told his household: “Take my cape and put it to the Cibeles Goddess, she must be cold”. So he told and the household made it.

The anonymous man who told us the story vanished in Madrid’s streets the same way he appeared a few minutes ago but left us an amazing story ending...

Letter adressed to founder Santos Seseña in 1930, from an admirer