We have always liked the magic of creation processes. From what to why to how and when. Something that does not exist, that is not yet seen, that is created, that is between us, crouched, waiting for someone to rescue him and shape him. As in the movie "A wonderful mind," where mathematician John Forbes Nash, played by RuSsell Crowe- imagined the relationships between raindrops, nature and the air. As his brain was able to extract and compose an order of the apparent chaos.

Thus arises the new Seseña LOGO, of the spontaneous gestures, of the apparent forms, of hidden postures that only some can see and transform into a badge that will probably accompany us for many years.

Lore Madrazo, knew how to see that among the lines of illustrations of people wearing capes, of years and years, was the road. He knew how to detect the beautiful shape that an arm was drawing under a cape. He polished it, painted it and made it ours. And so, summarizing in an insulting way his creative process, our Logo (imagotype) came up, which we affectionately call since then \"The hiding place of the arm\".

Thanks Lore for earning eternity.