In January we got a very special command. Spanish edition of the magazine Architectural Digest (aka AD) wanted to include Seseña in the March issue as part of “National Party”, an article about some of the most iconic places in Madrid. Of course, we were delighted to be on it, and we were asked to produce a series of capes with their very own selection of fabrics, chosen by Pepe Bermejo, who also styled the capes.

We got down to work and we designed and made the pieces that you can see in the picture above. The model wears a cape in City Jacquard by Gancedo, and in the mannequins you can see, from left to right, a model in velvet by Güell Lamadrid and a linen cape for which we used Tore Grape linen by Coordonné. The pictures were taken by Juan de Marcos, and they are part of “Nacional Party” along with images of some of the most emblematic spots in town, such as Casa Lhardy (a restaurant you definitely have to visit), Doré cinema and many more. So it essentially is a travel guide for those of you who want to enjoy the authentic Madrilenian atmosphere.

We don’t want to miss the opportunity to talk about Sandra, the model, who is one of the most relevant figures in the emergent music scene of Spain right now. Along with Sergio Salvi, she makes Delaporte, an electronic music duo. And if you believe electronic music is only supposed to be listened at the disco, you should definitely check out their new album, “Como Anoche”.

To sum up, you now have the perfect excuse to organize a trip to Madrid and meet all the amazing spots in “National Party”. We are waiting for you!