The Seseña House celebrates one more year the \"day of pride\" and supports freedom and tolerance through fashion and its colorful collections.



During this month in several countries of the world (although unfortunately not in all), the International Day of LGBT Pride is commemorated. 

The date refers to what happened at dawn on June 28, 1969 at the Stonewall Inn bar in New York.

In 1978, with democracy just arrived, 7,000 brave people took to the streets of Madrid to demand freedom in all its facets. Since then, year after year, the Spanish capital becomes, for 11 days, a proud city, without prejudices, or complexes, which embraces tolerance, respect and, above all, celebrates it.

In all this time, more cities and countries that recognize this movement have been added, being a celebration of diversity.

Fashion, of course, adds to that and fashion firms are involved with their designs and ideas to support this revolution. The streets are filled with color, shop windows, restaurants and all kinds of shops will flag their tickets with the rainbow creating a very important social impact.

Capas Seseña celebrates it with the looks placed on its shop window, a row of capes in full color filled with support all the showcase more than a century old. A symbol of tolerance and respect attached to the tradition of the house that looks forward with pride.

Last year, a cape with the six-color flag was created for Francisco José Alvarado, Mr. Gay Pride of Spain in the Mr. Gay 2019 World contest, which had the fortune of becoming a semifinalist. One more sign that in the world of fashion and the arts in general, to which Seseña is so linked, there has always been a support, tolerance and tacit freedom and absolutely integrated.