the 1901,

the classic cape of Seseña

Taking its name from the year in which Casa Seseña was founded, the 1901 model is a garment of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. This timeless classic is beyond the changing trends of contemporary fashion, and maintains its elegant style throughout the years. Its design originated in Spain’s golden age and has remained almost unchanged since then.



How to wear the 1901

quite simply, worn

The cape is, quite simply, worn. Comfort and elegance: the 1901 model, the classic Spanish cape of Seseña gives itself to be worn naturally, with ease, with art. It goes around the shoulders without pressing against the body, and it keeps you warmer than a coat would do.

The expertise of the artisan

Individually handmade

At Seseña we continue to be committed to the handcrafting methods of traditional artisanry, measuring, cutting, and sewing the cloth in just the same way as it was done 118 years ago. Even after four generations we still obsess over very last detail of the dressmaking process, to be able to offer to our clients a cape of unsurpassable quality and durability.



The cape consists of a 5 metre circle of cloth with a unique seam at the back. Details such as the neck, the clasp, the tippet, the collar, and the “escusón”, make the 1901 a unique garment.


Hight quality

The wool used for making our capes comes from the merino sheep indigenous to the Iberian Penninsula. The natural spring water of the Bejar mountains (Salamanca) provides the sheep with unique minerals and nutritional properties, resulting in a wool which is very dense. The wool maintains its insulating properties whilst at the same time being sufficiently lightweight to make it comfortable to wear.



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