Los Brincos, always with capes. With this quote, Los Brincos, the popular Spanish rock group from the sixties, signed Seseña’s guestbook. Our capes were (and will always be) part of the band’s unique ADN. Today, on the anniversary of the death of Junior, the voice of the group, we want to remember the amusing and musical story about how Seseña’s cape became Los Brincos’ pin.

The relationship between Seseña and Los Brincos started through Fernando Arbex, band’s drummer. Arbex was friends with Miguel Ángel Seseña, one of Enrique Seseña’s siblings. Enrique was in charge of the family business for more than three decades, and he was the one who took inspiration from all the 60’s fashion trends to refresh Seseña’s image and products. This connection between Arbex and Seseña was basic to establish a relationship between the group and the house, which ultimately sold them the classic capes with which they appear on the cover of various albums and singles, such as ‘Más alegre’, ‘Flamenco’ and ‘Pareces gitana’.

In the 60’s the cape became more popular and got in touch with new trends. Even The Beatles wore short capes to shoot the cover of their album Help! (1965). That year, Los Brincos also wore their Seseñas to shoot the cover of the EP that included ‘Borracho’, ‘Sola’, ‘Tú me dijiste adiós’ and ‘Eres tú’.

With time, our capes became so close with Los Brincos’ image that recent albums, such as the compilation of their hits published by Rama Lama in 2011, are still using photos of the artist with their Seseña capes to illustrate their career.