Pablo Picasso is among the big artists of the 20th century that have worn a Seseña cape. The famous painter and sculptor from Málaga (Spain) passed away on 8th April, 1973, in Mougins, France. Today, on the anniversary of his death, we remember the story of how the artist and Seseña met in life, to stay together in death.

Picasso’s life, just like Seseña’s, is plenty of anecdotes and curiosities. Sometimes, the path of the artist and the capes tailoring join together. It happened for the first time in 1955, when the worldwide famous Spanish bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguín gave Picasso an embroidered cape as a gift. A cape by Seseña, of course. Back in the days, our house was very close with the bullfighting scene. There are a lot of pictures of the painter striking a pose with the cape, but if we had to choose one, it would definitely be the one taken by North American photographer Irving Penn, which you can see in the graphic gallery above this post.

The moment in which Seseña and Pablo Picasso got together forever and ever came the day the artist passed away, when he was buried with another Seseña cape. This one was also a gift, but by Jacqueline Roque, his last wife and muse. The story about how he got the present is algo worth to be shared, because the cape was delivered to Picasso by Real Madrid football club. When Jacqueline wanted to send Picasso the cape, he was in France, just like de football team, that was there to play a match in Niza. So the muse and Eugenio Arias, Picasso’s friend and hairdresser, found a way to make the cape arrive to Picasso through someone he knew in the team.

This was the same cape with which Arias dressed Picasso when he was about to die, and the one that has been buried with him ever since then. The cape is distinguishable thanks to it’s unique carnations embroidery, and you can still find it in our store under the name “Pablo Cape”.