Layers Seseña dresses in Layers on its 115th anniversary.

The world's oldest layer brand celebrated 115 winters last Tuesday, embracing elegance, sophistication and innovation on a cold night full of magic.

The place: The Roof of the ME by Meliá Hotel in the Plaza de Santa Ana in Madrid. The number of guests: 200. The dress code: the layer. Time: stopped.

Classic layers, modern layers, men's, women's, children's, short layers, long layers, dark layers, colored layers, hooded layers, feathered layers, layers and more layers. And drinks. Wine glasses. Many glasses of wine toast for the 115 years of tradition and the wish fulfilled to have reinvented.

Over there you could see many VIP people, many, with their cape. But for important, the sastras, the cutters, the suppliers, the clients, the friends, the family and all the strangers who strive every day so that Lapas Seseña is increasingly known. In the world.

No one was missing. Even the people who couldn't go were there. There were Santos Seseña - the founder - and there were the three generations of the whole family and there was Picasso and there was Hemingway and there was Fellini and Catherine Deneuve and Ava Gardner and Cary Grant and Gary Cooper and Mastroianni and Michael Jackson and Valle-Inclán. They were all. There were their layers.

And there was applause. To ME Madrid and his wonderful team, to Uber for taking guests there, to catering, to DJ, to photocall, to photo booth, to production, to Aqeel's voice and to the incredible performance of Sergio Bernal who gave us a I danced with a majestic cape while Ravel's Bolero sounded.

Although the biggest applause was taken by the fourth generation of the Seseña family, with Marcos Seseña at the head of the brand. A more than deserved applause. An applause to bravery. Marcos one day opted to renew the equipment to update the company and innovate respecting the essence of a legacy and in a short time he has achieved the most difficult thing: to achieve it.

On the night of November 29, 2016, Capas Seseña, the world's oldest layered tailor's shop, celebrated 115 years in the world. 115 years weathering temporary. 115 years celebrated in style.