On the occasion of its participation in the next edition of "Madrid es Moda", Capas Seseña presents "La Capa Ilustrada", a small-large exhibition in its renovated Madrid store, which will run until the end of February, thus coinciding with the other great celebration of art in Madrid, Arco 2017.

Art and illustration have played a very important role since Capas Seseña was founded in 1901. At the beginning of the 20th century, when photographs were not yet taken, Seseña's advertising, like that of so many others, relied on the technique of illustration. The artists of the time used the advertising medium as a means to capture their style and art. A way of communicating and representing that has continued to be used regularly until the 90s, and that has been recovered in a timely manner from then until today.

With this exhibition we want to pay tribute to the illustrated cape, showing the passage of time through the illustrations of some of these artists throughout the 115-year history of Capas Seseña. A modest temporary journey through classicism, art deco, futurism, psychedelia or eclecticism to the most current styles, represented in the latter case by two talents such as Danielem or Coco Dávez.

Danielem's work is characterized by the fusion of classic characters and portraits that pose with modern elements, in a quest to temper the classic. This is the case of the two titles presented. Both, characters of the Spanish royalty of the 16th and 17th centuries, dressed in a bomber cape, from the latest and most modern collection of Seseña.

In the case of Coco Dávez, the works on display are an adaptation of his latest collection "Faceless", expressly commissioned for the poster for the 115th anniversary of Seseña. A sample of illustrious clients of all time, from Valle Inclan to Michael Jackson wearing Seseña capes, in the purest Coco Dávez style.

It is also a good opportunity to learn about and admire the aesthetic changes that Seseña has developed in its central Madrid store. A renovation of color, furniture and light, which nevertheless preserves the most essential elements of its good taste and influences from Madrid's late 19th century trade.

The exhibition will be exhibited in the original Capas Seseña store, Calle de la Cruz, 23 in Madrid, from February 13 to 28.