The guests knew first hand the world of stamping thanks to the explanations thanks to Antelo's explanations, through his designs and his imagination, in addition to immersing himself in the centenary history of La Casa Seseña, by the hand of its director and fourth  generation, Marcos Seseña.

Those present had the opportunity to get started in the art of stamping, and step by step be witnesses of a perfect execution.  From the designs by hand, through the digital designs, the test in the textile or the use of specific paint for the fabrics in merino wool of the capes of Seseña.

Federico Antelo also spoke about his enthusiasm for a collaboration that combines the facilities of knowing his work and the difficulties of doing something unknown and complex.  Antelo commented that \"with stamping you can achieve different effects and do magic with this technique to create unique pieces.\"

 A fact that surprised the attendees was the exclusivity of each cape, since being all done and stamped by hand, no cape will never be the same as another.  The position, strength, color or even heat make each piece a unique design. “I was very attracted to the idea of ​​joining the traditional cape with my geometric and more modern prints,” explains Antelo, who met Marcos Seseña, at the root of the celebration of the 115th anniversary of the firm, in 2016.

 A relationship that has culminated with two capes of women, decorated with an exclusive version of Antelo's motifs, inspired by classic braid.

 The chosen cape models have been two classics, reinterpreted for the occasion: “one longer and more enveloping, and the other shorter, practical and cosmopolitan,” explained Marcos Seseña.

 These capes, limited edition and with the original Antelo print, are available in Seseña online and physical stores.