Berets and Capes, a collaboration with a head
Two companies, spanning over 280 years, are now coming together to create a unique and exclusive product. A beret made in collaboration, which combines the highest expression of craftsmanship, history and experience that both firms treasure.

If fashion is a good social catalyst, Seseña and Elósegui are a true reflection of the evolution of society's tastes. Two centuries-old family-owned brands that, throughout their history, have made their garments always contemporary. Two companies that manufacture and market a single product deeply rooted in tradition: berets and capes. Two classic fashion icons that marry and coexist perfectly with all the trends and trends that emerge year after year.

Two almost identical ways of conceiving the production process: absolute fidelity with top quality materials and with artisan and traditional methods. Elosegui since 1858 and Seseña since 1901, add their ideas and experience to create an artisan, traditional, designer product, with history and absolutely fashionable.

The collaboration arises from the sought and necessary meeting, given the recent evolution of both firms towards very similar communication styles. Fresh ideas, youth, eclecticism, but always natural style and elegance. A classic fashion that perfectly coexists with a modern and groundbreaking image line.

An eternal desire: to serve as a link between fashion and crafts.

In order to materialize the collaboration, it was a question of looking among the classic icons, clients of Seseña and Elosegui, those who had worn and posed with capes and berets. It was not difficult to meet Pío Baroja or Miguel de Unamuno and more recently Catherine Denueve, Camilo J. Cela or Pablo Picasso.

Thus, the embroidery of Picasso's cape - linked for life to a Seseña cape in his pantheon in southern France - began to be drawn on a classic Elósegui beret. The wonderful result is reflected in the embroidery of bells in black silk thread on the mustard color of a woman's beret.

For the presentation, a fashion film of current and eclectic inspiration has been produced, with the collaboration of the creative head of Elósegui, Amaia Olmedo, who together with the director of Seseña, Marcos Seseña, has designed an evocative label that decorates the interior of the beret and that will also serve as a poster for the campaign.

The berets, of which only 50 units will be sold in special editions, will be available from the Seseña website as well as in its flagship store in Madrid, located at number 23 Calle de la Cruz.